To whom it may concern

Dear Sir/Ms,

I am writing on behalf of TT-Line Company Pty Ltd (TT-LINE), owners and operators of two Ro/Pax vessels, Spirit of Tasmania I an II. These two vessels carry passengers/vehicles and freight between Devonport Tasmania and Port Melbourne Victoria. TT-Line is a Tasmanian Government state owned Company.

TT-Line would like to endorse the work carried out by Franmarine and its Envirocart.

Currently the vessels go to dry dock every two years and their hulls are completely cleaned at this time. This means that there is two years of build-up of slime on their hills. As part of the Company’s Energy Efficiency Opportunities we have been exploring in water hull c leaning with the over site of the Tasmanian EPA.

TT-Line has been trailing various methods of in water hull cleaning over the last two years. These methods have included high pressure hose and cleaning sponges. These methods have proved effective in achieving some improvement in hull efficiency but they do not allow a full hull clean while the vessels are in the water.

TT-Line recently became aware of Franmarines’s Envirocart and after discussions with Franmarine we believe this piece of equipment will lead to large savings in fuel consumption and environmentally, less greenhouse gases.

The Envirocart will enabled the entire hull to be cleaned in water, the other alternatives that TT-Line have trialed only allows us to go a meter below the water line.

The other major advantage of the Envirocart is that it removes, filters and contains the biofouling whilst treating the water prior to discharge making it environmentally friendly.

TT-Lines believe this is the only Australian alternative for this type of cleaning as we are only aware of in-water cleaning machines that are used overseas. The cost of getting these to Australia with their personnel makes them cost prohibitive.

I am happy to discuss this further if you have any other further queries.


Kevin Manyard
Company Secretary Environment & Risk