It is recognised that one of the major global threats to biodiversity is the introduction of pests and diseases.

In the marine environment, the primary vector for the introduction of invasive pest and diseases is vessels via hull bio fouling or balllast water. The Department of Fisheries (Department) is the lead stage agency responsible for the management of aquatic biosecurity.

As part of the trials are published in two reports (Fisheries Occasional Paper 114: Report 1: In-water Hill Cleaning and Filtration System: In-water Cleaning Trials, July 2013: And Fisheries Occasional Paper 115: In-water Hull Cleaning System Cost and Cost Benefit Analysis: July 2013) available on the Department’s website at In summary the Envirocart prototype met the key milestones of the Department’s tender.

The Department supports the development of in-water hull cleaning technology as it may provide a valuable, front-line defence again invasive marine pests entering and becoming established in Western Australia’s marine environment.

Yours sincerely,

Stuart Smith
Director General