Roger Dyhrberg

Roger Dyhrberg is the Executive Chairman, Managing Director and founder of CleanSubSea, which is located at the Australian Marine Complex, Henderson, Western Australia.

CleanSubSea  has more than three decades of experience in onshore and offshore diving and hull cleaning services.

Roger established Franmarine Underwater Services (Franmarine) in 1981 which is now the most experienced onshore commercial diving company in Western Australia. Roger then went on to establish Gage Roads Diving (GRD) in 2011 which performs services for offshore projects. The two companies combined are CleanSubSea and specialise in a variety of subsea services including in-water surveys, ship repair, propeller polishing, underwater construction, salvage and mooring installation and maintenance and in-water hull cleaning.

Roger has built the Franmarine and Gage Roads Diving businesses from the ground up, now employing a total of 19 full time team members, with additional team members employed on a project orientated basis as required.

Roger has substantial innovative product development experience including an environmentally friendly low impact mooring system, an online mooring booking and payment system and a world first mechanical sea grass transplantation machine and now the Envirocart which is a revolutionary new efficient in-water hull cleaning and filtration system.

Well regarded and well respected, Roger has been a qualified commercial diver since 1988 and has established an excellent reputation for his technical expertise within the commercial diving industry over an extended period of time.

Prior to establishing Franmarine Underwater Services in 1981, Roger ran a successful security business for several years, providing services to major credit unions, building societies and various food chains in WA, growing the company to a national business and selling it as a going concern to Armguard.