About CleanSubSea

CleanSubSea changed its name from GRD Franmarine in 2018.

Gage Roads Diving and Franmarine are both diving companies servicing onshore and offshore. Franmarine was established in Western Australia back in 1981. They are both leading commercial diving operators with more than 30 years of experience regarding onshore and offshore diving
and hull cleaning services.

Envirocart – In-Water Hull Cleaning System, 100% Biofouling Capture

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  • GRD Franmarine Underwater Services has successfully completed International Paint’s Intersleek underwater cleaning panel tests using the following equipment and set-up parameters for removal of loosely adhered hard fouling, slime and weed.Fouled panels coated…Read more

    Sarah McCague
    Section Manager
    Marine Technical Operations

  • The West Australian Government owned Common User Facility is a 40 Ha integrated facility with an open access policy for multiple users. It has been operating since 2003 and is part of the Fabrication Precinct of the Australian Marine Complex located at Henderson Western Australia. It is a safe and secure location… Read More

    Paul Booth
    Floating Dock Manager

  • It is recognised that one of the major global threats to biodiversity is the introduction of pests and diseases.In the marine environment, the primary vector for the introduction of invasive pest and diseases is vessels via hull bio fouling or ballast water. The Department of Fisheries (Department) is the lead stage agency… Read More

    Stuart Smith
    Director General

  • I am writing on behalf of TT-Line Company Pty Ltd (TT-LINE), owners and operators of two Ro/Pax vessels, Spirit of Tasmania I an II. These two vessels carry passengers/vehicles and freight between Devonport Tasmania and Port Melbourne Victoria. TT-Line is a Tasmanian Government state owned Company… Read More

    Kevin Manyard
    Company Secretary Environment & Risk